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  • Why outsource in Poland
    Poland is the country almost in the same time-zone as UK (just one hour difference) and in the same time-zone as Germany and Switzerland. Polish programmers are top ranked (have a look at ranking TopCoder). They are not only skilled but also with experience from biggest investment banks and other financial institutions that moved their offices to Poland (just to name a few: CreditSuisse, BNY Mellon, JP Morgan). Due to pandemic situation, political situation or private matters many Poles have moved back to Poland from UK, Germany or Switzerland and brought their experience, professionalism and best practice standards to Poland. They can be part of your team ! Teylas Solutions knows how to find them.
  • How will my company benefit from outsourcing with Teylas Solutions
    KEEP PROJECT BUDGET IN GOOD SHAPE IR35 in UK and similar regulations in other countries are becoming a fact. That increases contractor rates and hiring fees. Teylas Solutions can help you to make savings on IT specialists' fees. By choosing us as your IT Outsourcing company we will hire for you preselected, tested and motivated professionals who will contribute to deliver in project timeline. EXPERIENCED AND MOTIVATED PROFESSIONALS Technology is great, but without people who understand and are passionate about it, it will fail. We only hire specialists who know their ropes. They are part of tailored made development team that meet your business requirement and team demands. IT skill is not enough, great personality is also what we care about. We come from technology background and understand your technical and recruitment needs. Before we send a candidate to you for interview we make sure they are strong both technically and verbally so they fit perfectly to your team. Teylas Solutions can provide a background screening of the candidate if necessary. MODERN DEVELOPMENT STACK KNOWLEDGE Technology is moving fast: new frameworks, new features and possibilities in existing ones, new design patterns and approaches to well-known problems. We follow all of this and also documentation, at least 60% test coverage, clean code and perfectly managed SDLC. JIRA, confluence, Sonar Qube is our second nature.
  • How does the recruitment process look like ?
    The client sends the candidate’s profile requirements and the job description. An agreement for services is signed and Teylas Solutions starts hunting for the required profile.Until this point no payment is required. Each candidate who applies is asked to take a short programming test (three tasks with different difficulty level); the communication skills in English and Polish are also taken into account. After that, Teylas Solutions schedules an interview between the candidate and the client. It is possible that another interview phase is required. The client should make a decision within 48 hours after interview with the candidate.
  • How long does the recruitment process take?
    It varies and depends on a current job market but usually it takes up to 3 weeks to find a right candidate. In Poland a notice period is one month starting from 1st of the following month. Some very senior professionals have three months notice period. In practice it depends on candidates’ current supervisor. Teylas Solutions aims to shorten the notice period to minimum so the candidate can start working on clients’ project ASAP.
  • What if the candidate resigns before the end of the contract ?
    Well, we know it may affect your project’s timeline but that could have happened everywhere. We will make an attempt to keep the contractor but as you know it is not always possible or optimal. If the candidate leaves prior to end of the contract, Teylas Solution will make all efforts to find the best replacement for the same rate in a timely manner. The client will not incur additional costs related to the recruitment.
  • How can the client be sure that candidate is professional in its domain ?
    The recruitment process is quite demanding for the candidate but at the same time we aim to keep it as short as possible. The candidate must score a certain threshold level in a programming test and show their ability to communicate clearly in English and Polish both verbally and in writing. The final say always belongs to the client who conducts last interview with the candidate.
  • What is the minimum technical requirements the clients must meet ?
    The candidates work on clients’ projects remotely. They are based in Poland working from Teylas Solutions premises or from home. The client must provide a remote desktop friendly environment. It means that a candidate can connect to clients’ infrastructure with a given login or security tokens. The candidate must have a reliable internet connections and be available during agreed working hours.
  • How can the client be sure that a candidate presented a genuine CV ?
    Apart from the interview and technical test Teylas Solutions can perform a background screening based on the candidates CV. This is commissioned to an external and independent company.
  • Can a client breach the contract and hire the candidate directly ?
    Yes, under some circumstances it is possible but details are discussed on a case to case basis between the client, Teylas Solutions and the candidate.
  • How to contact us ?
    The best way at the beginning of a relationship is to fill in the contact form on the website. Later on a dedicated channel will be established such as phone calls, video conferencing or face to face meeting at clients or Teylas Solutions location. We aim to respond to your email within 24 hours.
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